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As the title ‘British Motorcycle club of Tasmania’ suggests, we appreciate and predominantly run British bikes. This doesn’t mean you HAVE to ride one to join. A mere appreciation is all you need to join in the fun and friendship that comes from being a member of Tasmania’s premier motorcycling club. We welcome anyone with a passion for Brit Iron.

You don’t have to be British either! 

Since our members ride a wide range of British bikes and others, many makes and types are represented at any club run - old and new, sports, cruiser, café racer, vintage, to name a few.

BMCT is officially* the most knowledgeable club in the world concerning motorcycling with an incredible brains trust of curmudgeonly road warriors to keep you on two wheels. If you have a question about motorcycles there’s someone here who knows the answer. (*not at all official).

BMCT - about us

Your Committee

President:                     Matt Sheppard

Vice Presidents:         Ian Parker

                                        Tony Smeekes

Secretary:                    Mick Lemon

Treasurer:                    Andrew Catchpole

Committee:                 Peter Bender, Howard Burrows, Jim MacDonald,

                                       Adrian Maynard, Peter Shires


                                        David Branch

                                        Howard Burrows

                                        Jack England

                                        Ken Hall

                                        Wally Ingram

                                        Dick Jones

                                        Ken Jupp

                                        Don Lowe

                                        Vaughan Oldham

                                        Nigel Reid

                                        Matt Sheppard

                                        Gary Smith 


Appointed positions

Internal auditor           Peter Patmore

Magazine editor         TBA

Clubman records       Gary Smith & Rob Walch

Web master                 Peter Shires

Tech officers               Mick Lemon, John Rettig & Gary Smith

Librarian                       Kerry Dickson

Welfare officers          Wayne Hudson & Gary Smith


                                        Chris Owens

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